My road in my words

               I have written several drafts looking for the correct words to describe what my training in photography has been and how I have got to where I am, but none of those drafts liked me, so I'm trying again, in the simplest, most real and honest way I can.

               I grew up in a small town called Guarenas that belongs to the State of Miranda in Venezuela, 40 minutes from Caracas. In my childhood there was nothing related to art, so I think my artistic interest is genuine and vocational, given that I received no influence from family or any closer friend.

               As a child I was always attracted to dance, but I also remember I liked to draw and paint. I loved to use bright and striking colors in my drawings, while dance wrapped me with the exciting magic that lies beneath behind the each movement. Later on in adolescence, I enrolled in the Taller de Danza Caracas dance school, and at almost the same time, the  Cristobal Rojas graphic arts school. I started to alternate between all this divine madness of dance, shadow, movement, light, expression, colors, sensations, images and a long etcetera. I started to realise all the different forms the human body can adopt to represent an emotion, without going so far as to imagine that this would be an artistic tool that I would one day use daily in my photographic works, where expression is the guiding thread.

               But something was missing; something that was the result of this mixture and that in a near future I would come to love much more than drawing or dancing: Photography. It was obvious to me that in a photograph I could express all that and more, so I stopped dancing and drawing just to focus solely on learning to take pictures.

               It was an image of Steven Klein (for a Calvin Klein campaign) that changed my vision and made me understand a photograph has the power not only to communicate or sell, but to create, to make us dream, to move us as if creating a new world, even if only briefly.

So what was the next step?

Learning from photographers who have the ability to transform reality into something fantastic.

               I arrived in Madrid, scared but full of dreams, nerves, and the desire to grow. In a short time I met my destiny, meeting incredible fashion photographers and from them absorbing everything I could. I had the greatest luck to meet so many talented, visionary people (I would name them one by one, but they are too many.) I have many fond memories of them all, and I cannot help but be eternally grateful to each and every one of them.


        But again I felt that there was something missing for me , a more momentous step for my learning process so i decide to move to Paris, crazy  because i didn't speak English let alone French. But that's how I arrived in the eternal capital of fashion, where every street and every building is art; where each Fashion Week dresses the city with trend and avant-garde glamor, where the greatest photographers, designers, stylists, make-up artists, model hairdressers, etc, etc, etc make their obligatory stops, if they don't actually reside there. The destiny called again, and I had the opportunity to meet, work with and learn from photographers who had been my idols (although I haven't met Steven Klein yet!), almost always as the 10th assistant lol (you know) , but for me being in each of those sessions was like attending a great show and sitting in the front row.

Little by little I was seeing my dreams materialise.

So, that's how I was trained professionally as a photographer. I am sure I still have much to learn and much more to contribute, and I will always be open to new paths, new adventures, new challenges that make me grow. I offer you what I can do with a camera. You've seen the images, now you know a little more about the person behind the lens.

​I'm Frank Mijares and I am here, together we can tell your stories through my photos

​Thanks for reading me